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This series presents findings from recent research carried out by ACEW staff and associates in short, accessible summaries.


Research Snapshot 5

Where gender meets social entrepreneurship: Building knowledge from many contexts and intersections

Combining country contexts, particularly using mixed methods research, will ultimately reveal patterns in what it takes to nurture social entrepreneurship for sustainable development.

Research Snapshot 4

Igniting capabilities of women export entrepreneurs in Aotearoa New Zealand

Part II: Thematic analysis and recommendations

Research Snapshot 3

Igniting capabilities of women export entrepreneurs in Aotearoa New Zealand

Part I: Introduction and setting the scene

Research Snapshot 2

Endure, escape or engage: How women and other “misfit” entrepreneurs shape NZ ecosystems

New Zealand investors must shed remaining parochial and patriarchal habits or risk losing valuable investees.

Research Snapshot 1

Challenging how entrepreneurial finance thinks about gender: Past present and future concepts

Researchers, entrepreneurs, investors and policymakers; men, women, firms and institutions – all must change how they think and talk about, and act on, the very concept of gender.


Our research themes

Find out about our five research themes that explore areas of contemporary relevance for academia, policy and entrepreneurial ecosystems in Aotearoa New Zealand.

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